Freelance director, editor and lighting camera guru for the last 7 years, Ian has been a trusted filmmaker of many production companies, creative agencies and charities. Trained in lighting and composition, with a love of gadgets and a natural talent for storytelling, filmmaking is a glove fit for Ian. Over the years he has wielded a camera in a real spectrum of locations producing web content, TV spots and cinema ads. From a documentary in the freezing conditions of Sarajevo, to the warm chaos of commercial green screen studios, Ian has filmed across every major UK race track, directed at every Premier League club and tutored the children of Hollywood director Paul Greengrass. His experience has seen him lead and consult on projects for clients such as the Premier League, Mediacom and the National Literacy Trust. He has directed and DoPed projects for global brands such as Louis Vuitton, SEAT and Heineken. His clients appreciate his aptitude for creating a story, even within the simplest of projects, while backing this up with careful and crafted cinematography. Ian also puts his creativity and filmmaking nous to good use working with charities, youth groups and schools in a mentoring capacity. At heart, he is a storyteller, but with a kit list big enough to fill a Bat Cave.


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